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Material Inspector

The Material Inspector is the heart of NextGenSprites, here we can assign textures, fiddle with tinting and set new values!

The Material Inspector consist of two parts, first comes the Toolbar for the Shader-Feature selection and secondly the View Panel which displays the properties of the selected Shader-Feature.

The Features in order:

One important aspect of NextGenSprites is the ability to toggle Shader Features, this can help tremendously in saving performance. By default when you create a new NextGenSprites Material, all features are disabled, obviously the expectation makes the Main Sprite panel itself. Disabled features are grayed out in the Inspector, so that you know which features are active.

When toying around, don't forget to turn off features you don't need!

Changing properties at Runtime is done via Scripting and NextGenSprites offers you several Helper Methods and Playmaker Actions.

Now let's finish our first Material!

Continue → Finishing the Curvature Material

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