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Shader Properties

Reference to each shader property. Useful if like to make your own helper classes or fiddle with the shader code.

Float Properties

Property String ShaderFloat Min Value Max Value Description
_CurvatureDepth CurvatureDepth -1 0 Set the depth for the Curvature
_Specular CurvatureGloss 0 1 Control surface glossiness
_ReflectionStrength ReflectionStrength 1 0 Opacity amount of the Reflection
_ReflectionBlur ReflectionBlur 0 9 Blur the Reflection Texture
_ReflectionScrollingX ReflectionScrollSpeedX 0 5 How fast the Reflection scrolls on the X and Y Axis
_ReflectionScrollingY ReflectionScrollSpeedY 0 5
_EmissionStrength EmissionIntensity 0 5 Emission strength multiplies by Tint
_EmissionStrength2 EmissionLayer2Intensity 0 5 Emission strength on second Channel
_EmissionStrength3 EmissionLayer3Intensity 0 5 Emission strength on third Channell
_EmissionToggleAnimation3 EmissionLayer3ToggleAnimation 0 1 Blend in/out the Pulse Animation
_EmissionPulseSpeed3 EmissionLayer3PulseSpeed 0 10 The Speed of the Pulse by Time
_TransmissionDensity TranslucencyDensity 0 1 High values reduces the sprite opacity
_DissolveBlend DissolveBlend 0 1 Amount texture clip controlled by Dissolve Texture
_DissolveBorderWidth DissolveBorderWidth 0 100 Border width along the clip edge
_DissolveGlowStrength DissolveGlowStrength 0 5 Emission strength along the edge
_RefractionStrength RefractionStrength -1 1 Refraction strength
_FlowIntensity FlowIntensity -1 1 Strength of the influence
_FlowSpeed FlowSpeed -10 10 Flow speed
_Layer2Opacity SpriteLayer2Opacity 0 1 Opacity Blending on Layer 2
_Layer2ScrollingX SpriteLayer2ScrollingX -1 1 Layer 2 UV Scrolling Speed on X and Y-Axis
_Layer2ScrollingY SpriteLayer2ScrollingY -1 1
_Layer3Opacity SpriteLayer3Opacity 0 1 Opacity Blending on Layer 3
_Layer3ScrollingX SpriteLayer3ScrollingX -1 1 Layer 3 UV Scrolling Speed on X and Y-Axis
_Layer3ScrollingY SpriteLayer3ScrollingY -1 1

Color Properties

Property String ShaderColor Description
_Color Sprite Sprite Tinting, alpha makes transparent
_SpecColor Curvature Curvature Highlight color
_EmissionTint Emission Emission color (keep white for no tinting)
_EmissionTint EmissionLayer2 Emission color on the two extra Channels
_EmissionTint EmissionLayer3
_DissolveGlowColor DissolveGlow Dissolve edge emission color

Texture Properties

Property String ShaderTexture Type Description
_MainTex Sprite Sprite The Sprite itself
_Layer2 SpriteLayer2 Sprite Second Sprite Layer
_Layer3 SpriteLayer3 Sprite Third Sperite Layer
_LayerMask SpriteLayerMask Sprite Layer Mask needed for Multi Layer
_BumpMap Curvature NormalMap Curvature Highlight
_Illum EmissionMask Grayscale Texture Masks out emission
_ReflectionTex Reflection Texture Reflection
_ReflectionMask ReflectionMask Grayscale Texture Masks out reflection
_TransmissionTex Translucency Texture Transmission Texture
_DissolveTex Dissolve Grayscale Texture Dissolve pattern
_RefractionNormal Refraction NormalMap Surface Refraction
_FlowMap Flow Flowmap Texture Flow Map

Feature Properties

Property String ShaderFeature Description
SPRITE_MULTILAYER_ON SpriteMultiLayer Toogle Multi Layer
CURVATURE_ON Curvature Toogle Curvature
REFLECTION_ON Reflection Toogle Reflection
EMISSION_ON Emission Toogle Emission
EMISSION_MULTILAYER_ON Emission Multi Layer Toogle Multi Channel Emission
TRANSMISSION_ON Transmission Toogle Transmission
DISSOLVE_ON Dissolve Toogle Dissolve
DOUBLESIDED_ON DoubleSided Toogle Sprite: Double Sided
PIXELSNAP_ON PixelSnap Toogle Sprite: Pixel snapping
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