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This shader is a combination of Glass and Lava. You use a Normal-Map for Refraction and a Flow Map for the offset animation.

Unity logo behind a waterfall. See it here in action!


Sprite tinting.

Refraction Map

Here you need to use a Normal Map. NextGenSprites Extra Assets already provides you with a collection of Normal Maps made for Refraction!

Water getting refracted by the Normal Map.

Refraction Strength

Set the refraction strength, you can also invert it by going negative.

Emission Tint

Set Emission strength. Works similar to Emission Intensity.

Flow Map

The flow map is the vital part of this shader and you can learn here how to make your own. NextGenSprite also comes with a Extra Assets package which already includes a collection of Flow Maps for free!

Flow Intensity

The intensity boosts the offset. The effect can be inverted by using negative values.

Flow Speed

The speed in which the offset is animated, can also be inverted by using negative values.


Available since v 1.2
You let the Sprite scroll by its world position, if you do not desire this behaviour, just leave the scrolling values at zero. This effect is great if you have some kind of water/lake scrolling by the players/camera movement. Furthermore, you can also enable Auto-Scrolling where the scrolling happens by Time.

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