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The Sprite Tab shows you the currently used Sprite which can not be changed, since it is provided by the SpriteRenderer as Pre-Rendered data.


Just like Unity's default Sprite Shader, you can tint the texture:

This Sprite has been tinted “greenish”. RGB(99,255,99)


Available since v 1.2
You can use this feature to scroll the entire Sprite, all other features like Curvature or Reflection will behave accordingly. Before using this feature, make sure that you have set the Sprites Wrap mode to “Repeating”.

Double Sided

Toggle this feature to lit the Sprite's Backsite.

Usually to flip a Sprite you just scale it negative on the local X-Axis, but with the Double Sided feature you don't need to do that anymore. Use this feature if your Project's Workflow prohibits scaling a Sprite's X-Axis.

Pixel Snapping

This is Unity's pixel snapping option, it tries to even the pixels with the screen resolution, this can cause some jittering when the Sprite moves slowly on Screen.

Multi Layer

Available since v 1.1
This Feature adds three additional Sprites with optional scrolling and a Stencil masking feature.


On the Inspector you can toggle the stencil mask feature, set a tinting color and opacity for each Layer. Furthermore you can also set the Scrolling Speed for each Layer on the X and Y axis.

Stencil Mask Setup

Stencil Masking is a great way if you like to scroll a Layer around a shape you define in the Mask.

The Masks uses all three RGB Channels:

  • RED: Layer 1#
  • Blue: Layer 2#
  • Green: Layer 3#

You have to use Photoshop to create Masks properly, Photoshop Actions will be provided here soon as a Download. In the Demo Scene you can take a look at the NextGenSprites logo which uses the Stencil feature to create the scrolling color gradient effect on the “SPRITE” letters. An in-depth Video Tutorial will follow soon!

Hue Shift

Available since v 1.4
Tint Sprite by Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast.


This is a convenience feature which allows you to scroll each Layer. Just leave the values at 0 for no scrolling.
Please note that the Sprites you scroll must need have Wrap mode set to Repeat. To do this, go to the Import settings of your Sprite and set mode from Sprite to advanced. On the bottom you find the Wrap Mode option - click apply!

Mega Stack

Available since v 1.3
This Unlit Shader variant allows you to stack up to 10 Sprites. There are currently no Scripting Helpers provided but the Multi Layer properties are the same with going up to an index of 9.

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