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With Emission you can light the Sprite additionally to the Lighting situation in your scene. Similar to Reflection you can mask the Emission.


A Mask allows you to apply the Emission only on certain parts of your Sprite. With version 1.2, Multi Channel Masking has been introduced as the sole and default Operation mode. This works by reading the individual RGB Channels on the Texture. If you like to only use a single channel, then just use a Grayscale Sprite as a Mask and leave the Intensity for the Layer 2 and 3 at zero. Otherwise if you want to use Multi Channel Masking, consider reading the article about Multi Channel Masking below.

Left: Grayscale Mask for Channel 1. Right: Masked emission applied.


Tint the Emission to make interesting effects. Leave it white for no tinting.


Control the emission intensity for each Layer.

HDR Glow

You can use Intensity together with Bloom and HDR to get some nice emission glowing. This works by using Bloom with HDR on a Camera. The Bloom shader has a brightness threshold, any pixel on the screen that surpasses this threshold begins to glow - effectively this means any emission intensity above the bloom threshold glows!

It is advised to set Bloom threshold from the default 0.5 to 1, since a higher threshold gives you more “room” to control the glow in your scene.

Left: Intensity = 1. Right: Intensity = 3. Bloom threshold set to 1.

Multi Channel Masking

Available since v 1.1

By using a Color Mask, you can apply Emission on three individual Layers. Each Layer can tint your Sprite with individual strength and colors.


You can set Tint and Strength for each Channel individually. Again, if you only like to operate on a single channel, just use a Grayscale image instead and leave Channel 2 and 3 at zero.

Mask Setup

The Mask is very simple, the Shader just uses each Color Channel for the Layer masking.

  • Red = Layer 1
  • Green = Layer 2
  • Blue = Layer 3

Another variation for a Mask:

Pulse Animation

You can enable Pulse Animation for more interesting effects. Pulse Speed is kinda self explanatory and Blend Animation just let's you disable or enable the effect on each Layer individually.

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