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With dissolve you can clip out parts of the sprite by using a dissolve pattern that consist of a grayscale texture. You can also apply a border and tint it as you like. Many possibilities!


The dissolve pattern. NextGenSprites already includes a collection of 35(!) dissolve pattern in the free Extra Assets package. You can also learn here how to make your own!


Blend in the dissolvement/clipping. At 1 your Sprite is completely clipped out and thus invisible.

Note: Blending is not linear and depending on the Dissolve pattern, the clipping might be already finished early.

Border Width

The width of the colored Border along the clipping.

Left: Width = 5. Right: Width = 60.

Border Glow

This is the Intensity of the Border Glow which is also emissive and just like Emission Intensity you can use the same Bloom/HDR effects.

In this example Glow is set to 4.

Glow Color

The color in which the Border is tinted.

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